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McMurry Moving Company is a professional piano moving company serving clients in Park Cities and Preston Hollow, Texas. Our piano movers are fully licensed, insured, and trained to move all piano types, big or small safely.

Whether you want to move your piano to the next room, up the stairs, or across the city, we’ll handle it. And because we offer same day piano moving services, you’ll never have to wait to get our services.

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Park City Piano Moving Services

Professional Piano Movers for Over 30 Years

For over 30 years, McMurry Moving Company has been providing piano moving services in Park Cities and Preston Hollow. We’ve moved the most complex armoire up the stairs and across cities safely. With this experience, we guarantee professional piano moving services at your convenience.


Flexible Scheduling

Whether you are a first time customer or a return client, we’ll provide piano moving services at your convenient time. Whether you prefer Sunday afternoon or during holidays, we are at your service.


Competitive Pricing

Since 1980, our focus has been providing unmatched services at competitive prices. In fact, no piano moving company in the area offers better services at a better price than we do.


Professional, courteous Technicians

McMurry and his team of professional piano movers always go over and beyond to provide professional, courteous services. To us, no job is too small or too big.


Excellent Customer Services

At McMurray Moving Company, we never keep you waiting. Our friendly piano movers are always available to receive your calls. To receive your free estimate for your piano moving, give us a call today.

Buy a Piano

Buying a piano, new, or slightly used is a complex task especially if this is your first time. From identifying the best brand, style, sound, and more, the process can be overwhelming.
But with the experts at McMurry Moving Company, you can never go wrong with your purchase. Whether you want to buy a new piano or second hand, we’ll provide the guidance you need to make the perfect purchase.
And after your purchase, our piano movers will safely take your piano to your preferred destination.


McMurry Moving Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Is McMurry Moving Company Insured?

Yes. Park City Piano Moving is licensed and insured which is a guarantee of your piano’s safety.

Is there information I need to submit before my piano moving?

Yes. You need to inform us where your piano is upright, grand, or console, your location, and the delivery point. Also, you’ll inform us of your preferred piano moving date and other special requests.

Will my piano be safe during the moving?

Yes. The piano movers at McMurry Moving Company have over 3 decades of experience, modern equipment, and deep piano moving expertise. With this, we guarantee to complete your piano moving job on time, safely.

Will I need to tune my piano after the moving?

Piano moving has no impact on tuning. However, changes in temperature, humidity, or room size may alter the sound. You can tune your piano three to four weeks after the moving.